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Get A Programmer's Guide to .NET PDF

By Alexei Fedorov

ISBN-10: 0321112326

ISBN-13: 9780321112323

The recent Microsoft platform, Microsoft.NET offers numerous possibilities for various providers and platforms to engage, permitting programmers to strengthen robust options for the web. while you are a programmer or developer desirous to take complete good thing about Microsoft.NET, this booklet, which gives crucial details for the entire of the .NET platform, is for you. A Programmer's advisor to .NET can help you to achieve an in-depth figuring out of the .NET framework, its structure, major parts and supported applied sciences. Alexei Federov describes how the most elements of the platform - home windows types, internet kinds, ADO.NET, internet companies and the typical Language Runtime - can interact, allowing you to create high-performance functions extra simply and efficiently.A Programmer's consultant to .NET:Explains all the major components of the Microsoft.NET framework - not only one know-how comprises functional examples exhibiting how one can use .NET to create quite a few functions - from console purposes to XML net prone contains code examples written in VB.NET which can even be imported into different .NET languages presents a finished checklist of internet assets within the appendix.

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For narrowing conversions, the following rules apply. Narrowing occurs: • in numeric conversions that may overflow for example, when converting a Double into an Integer value results in a narrowing conversion and the value will be rounded; • when converting Boolean to numeric and numeric to Boolean; • when converting from a numeric type to an enumerated type; • when converting to a class type from an interface or a non-deriving class; • when converting to an interface from a non-deriving class; • when converting from string to numeric and numeric to string; • when converting from String to Char; • when converting from Char() to String.

Interfaces Interfaces are reference types that are used to specify features for the classes that implement them. In this section, we will discuss some of the most important interfaces defined in the System namespace. Collections namespace. • The IComparable interface Defines a generalized comparison method. This method is used to implement a type-specific comparison method CompareTo for the particular data type. This interface is implemented by Enum, String, and Version classes. • The IFormattable interface Provides functionality to format the value of an object via the implementation of the ToString method.

We use the Module class to find classes in the module as well as all global methods and other non-global methods defined in the module. • The ConstructorInfo class can be used to discover the name, parameters, access modifiers, and implementation details of a constructor. To invoke a specific constructor we can use the GetConstructors or GetConstructor methods of a Type object. • We use the MethodInfo class to find the name, return type, parameters, access modifiers, and implementation details of a method.

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