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Download e-book for kindle: A selection of modern Italian poetry in translation by Roberta L. Payne

By Roberta L. Payne

ISBN-10: 077352696X

ISBN-13: 9780773526969

ISBN-10: 0773526978

ISBN-13: 9780773526976

ISBN-10: 0773571841

ISBN-13: 9780773571846

Offers a bilingual choice of ninety-two poems via thirty-five Italian poets, together with works of classicism and passionate decadentism, examples of crepuscularism

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On the edges of the woods I can’t hear words you say, human words; but I hear newer words, that drops of water and leaves speak far away. Listen. It’s raining from the scattering clouds. It’s raining on the brackish, burnt-up tamarisks, it’s raining on the 19 l a p i o gg ia n e l p in eto the r a in in the pine forest scagliosi ed irti, piove su i mirti divini, su le ginestre fulgenti di fiori accolti, su i ginepri folti di coccole aulenti piove su i nostri volti silvani, piove su le nostre mani ignude, su i nostri vestimenti leggieri, su i freschi pensieri che l’anima schiude novella, su la favola bella che ieri t’illuse, che oggi m’illude, o Ermïone.

14 g i ova n ni pasco li She cries, and she tells me with a mute nod: How could you? With a sigh then she pulls to herself the form of the mute comb. Silent the shuttle passes and passes again. I cry, and I ask her: why doesn’t it sound, then, the coquettish comb, any more? Timid and good, she stares at me: Why doesn’t it sound? And she cries, and she cries – My sweet love, haven’t they told you? Don’t you know? I am not alive except in your heart. Dead! Yes, dead! If I weave, I weave for you alone; how I don’t know: in this linen, under the cypress, in the end, near you, I will sleep.

The Weaver I sat myself down on the little bench as though before ... how many years has it been? She, like once upon a time, moved over to make room for me on the little bench. And not the sound of a word; only a smile all mercy. Her white hand leaves the shuttle. I cry and I tell her: How could I, my sweet goodness, have left you? 13 l a tessit r i ce the we aver Piange, e mi dice d’un cenno muto: Come hai potuto? Con un sospiro quindi la cassa tira del muto pettine a sè. Muta la spola passa e ripassa.

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