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Download e-book for iPad: Abandoned : the true story of a little girl who didn't by Anya Peters

By Anya Peters

ISBN-10: 0007245726

ISBN-13: 9780007245727

ISBN-10: 0007245742

ISBN-13: 9780007245741

A heartbreaking actual tale of 1 little girl's seek to discover a spot she may name home.


Separated from her actual mom at delivery, Anya grew up in terror of her drunken bullying uncle. crushed, humiliated and sexually abused by way of him from the age of six, she inspiration her existence could not get Read more...

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I am eight months younger than Liam, but my uncle doesn’t allow anyone to hold or touch me like that. Kathy lived at home with her and Mummy’s parents in Ireland, but I was born in England, on one of the beds in the long back bedroom in Mummy’s flat. But ten days after I was born she had to go back to Ireland, and left me there for Mummy to look after. It was only supposed to be a temporary arrangement, just until the day she could come back to get me. But that day never came. She did come back—four or five times a year on visits—but she never took me with her, though every visit I was terrified that she might, that my uncle’s constant threats that ‘this’ time he was going to see to it that she took her ‘baggage’ back with her would be carried out.

Times 5? I practised school work: doing sums, memorising the spellings on the packaging and telling stories inside my head. If I got all the spellings right I would lick my finger and have a dip in the sugar bowl, smiling at how naughty I was being. Inside my head I’d say, ‘I don’t care,’ and pull my nightie off one shoulder and shrug it bare like Stella did to make my uncle laugh. It felt as if I’d got a friend there that I was talking to. Sometimes when I was sent to the kitchen Mummy would decide she’d had enough.

Even if he had slept off his rage and woken up quiet, I wasn’t allowed to move on the settee or make a sound. Even if someone pinched me to move up I couldn’t pinch back, not while he was there. Soon the settee wasn’t big enough for five of us and one of us sometimes had to sit on the floor. ’ And my uncle would laugh with her and I’d have to sit on the floor. ‘No, she won’t,’ Mummy would say to Stella. ’ I wished Mummy would let me fight my own battles. I was willing to sit on the floor if it meant I could have some peace.

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Abandoned : the true story of a little girl who didn't belong by Anya Peters

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