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A. Macieira-Coelho (auth.), Kunio Oota, Masami Iriki,'s Aging Phenomena: Relationships among Different Levels of PDF

By A. Macieira-Coelho (auth.), Kunio Oota, Masami Iriki, Takashi Makinodan, Lynn S. Baker (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1468437348

ISBN-13: 9781468437348

ISBN-10: 1468437364

ISBN-13: 9781468437362

The challenge of senescence, as mirrored within the background of reli­ gion and philosophy, has lengthy been one of many maximum matters of humankind. against this, gerontology as a department of technological know-how continues to be relatively younger. up to now decade, concomitant with quick growth in our realizing of the fundamental lifestyles sciences, enormous shops of data approximately organic getting older were amassed. this information, besides the fact that, coming up from many clinical disciplines and inquisitive about various degrees of biologic association, turns out virtually random and covers every thing from molecules to human societies. Theories complex to interpret the evidence and to appreciate the mech­ anisms focused on senescence have remained in person, instead of normal, territories. It has lengthy been felt by way of a few gerontologists that it used to be time for many of the experts to step again and take a generalist view of gerontology, to think again and reevaluate the end result in their analyt­ ical goals at varied degrees inside a broader context. a few others might imagine it nonetheless untimely. It appeared, even if, that almost all of these who accumulated in Tokyo at the party of the XIth overseas Congress of Gerontology have been of the opinion that there has been a lot to be received in searching for interrelationships one of the evidence and theories originated within the various degrees of investiga­ tion in an try and discover and savour the organic drama of senescence as an entity.

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Age-related changes in the hemadsorption activity of three strains of human diploid fibroblasts. 0. 418) per mg of fibroblast protein. REFERENCES 1. 2. 4. 5, 6 L. ~~~ll ies:-37:614, 1965. G. M. Martin, C. A. Sprague, and C. J. hab. I~~~. 23:86, 1970. E. L. Schneider and Y. Mitsui, The relationship between in vitro cellular aging and in vivo human age, Proc. Nat!. Acad: Sci. USA 73: 3584, 1976. - - ------v. J. ,itro, g,~rontology 22:9, 1976. A. sei~. 5:45, 1977. Y. Mitsui and E. L. Schneider, Relationship between cell replication and volume in senescent human diploid fibroblasts, Mech.

1. Effect of dialyzed fetal bovine serum (d-FBS) concentration on the growth rate of IMR-90 cells at different population doubling levels (PDL). Figures attached on each curve are PDLs of the cells tested. Arrows indicate extrapolation of the linear part of each curve to 1-PDL increase or no-PDL increase per 4 days (Ohno, 1979). a constant growth rate as the PDL increases. This means that the cells must lose responsiveness to serum growth factors in an accelerated manner during aging ~ ~. This property of the cells may provide a mechanism for the previously observed phenomenon that large-volume cells, which have been supposed to be the non-dividing cells in the population, could divide as well as the small-volume cells, which have been confirmed as actively dividing cells (see Mitsui, this volume).

RESULTS Thermal Denaturation of Collagen Fibril. Individual collagen fibrils in the preparation obtained above show a striation pattern under an electronmicrosgope (Fig. 1b). After an incubation of the fibril suspension at 55 C for 10 minutes the cross striation pattern was completely lost and the fibrils were swollen (Fig. 1c). No significant amount of collagen protein was lost from the denatured fibril into the water fol18wing this short incubation. After a 60-minute incubation at 47 C, the collagen fibrils lost their cross striation pattern in some areas, whereas it was retained in most areas of the fibrils (Fig.

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