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All in the Cause of Duty - download pdf or read online

By Nicholas Bennett

ISBN-10: 1847284884

ISBN-13: 9781847284884

This is often the tale of 1 man's 40 12 months odyssey operating to aid lessen 3rd international global poverty, and provides desire to a couple of the main morginalised and exploited humans on the earth. all through his lengthy occupation Nicholas Bennett labored in probably the most distant and hard areas on the earth, confronted common coups and revolutions, while even as elevating his relations.

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Maintaining Cultural Diversity When I started work in Ghana, the Frafra and other tribes in Northwest Ghana wore nothing but leaves to cover their sex. Purchases in their markets were paid with cowry shells, and each nearnaked trader had a pile of shells in front of his or her produce. They had never seen the written word, and they could not understand what the function of the school could be, taking their sons and daughters away from productive work, locking them in a room and shouting at them in a strange language.

The contrast between the non-violence of the students and the callous killing by the soldiers produced an upsurge of middle class opposition to the military officers in power. It was one thing to overthrow the military using non-violent methods, and quite another to influence the Government that came in its place, a Government controlled by elitist bourgeois politicians. The student leaders were full of socialist ideals, and believed that their mission was to create a more egalitarian and just society in Thailand.

In Ghana during the economic collapse of the early eighties, teachers had to take on other work, often farming, merely to survive. When the economy picked up, and their salaries significantly increased, the teachers did not give up this additional work, and thus continued to hardly appear in the classroom. Trained teachers do not want to work in rural areas without any of the comforts and excitement of the modern world. In Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, there are up to three qualified teachers for each primary school class, whilst in rural areas untrained secondary school graduates do any teaching that takes place.

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All in the Cause of Duty by Nicholas Bennett

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