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Analysis and Metaphysics: Essays in Honor of R. M. Chisholm by Richard Taylor (auth.), Keith Lehrer (eds.) PDF

By Richard Taylor (auth.), Keith Lehrer (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9027711933

ISBN-13: 9789027711939

ISBN-10: 940109098X

ISBN-13: 9789401090988

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M. , 1964, pp. 233-344. 1 TK, pp. 95-96. 2 TK, p. 96. 3 P, p. 124. 4 P, p. 117. 5 P, p. 123. 6 Ibid. 7 Chisholm discusses this problem in 'The Problem of the Speckled Hen', Mind 51 (1942), 368-373. A. J. Ayer replies to Chisholm in Philosophical Essays, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1954, pp. 90-98. CHISHOLM ON SENSING AND PERCEIVING 33 See P, pp. 117-24. See P, p. 153. 10 See my MaterialismandSensations, Yale University Press, New Haven, 1971, Chap. 6. 11 W. R. W. 12 J. J. Gibson, The Senses ConsideredasPerceptual Systems, Houghton-MifilinBoston, 1966, p.

19 See P, Chap. 4, on epistemic vs. nonepistemic uses of 'appear'. 20 See Cornman, Perception, Chap. 7, for discussion of kinds of scientific realism. 21 See Cornman, Perception, passim, for an extended argument in favor of sensings. 22 This thesis is discussed in my Materialism and Sensations, Chap. 7. 23 This conclusion is defended at greater length in my Perception, Common Sense, and Science, passim. 24 See TK, Chap. 1 and TOK, Section 2. 25 TK, p. 98. 26 Ibid. 27 See P, pp. 143-149. 28 See TK, p.

And, relying on our quick, tentative conclusion in favor of the sensing theory, we can propose the following: (I) S perceives a physical object, x, at time t if and only if at t, S senses in some way because either x itself or stimulus transmitted from x appropriately affects S by affecting some sense receptor of S. Notice, incidentally, that, unlike Chisholm's definition, thesis (I) allows us to see physical objects that are not 'proper stimuli'. That is, it allows us to see physical objects even when, for example, we are looking in a mirror, or when the stimulus is distorted as in the case of a stick that is half immersed in water.

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Analysis and Metaphysics: Essays in Honor of R. M. Chisholm by Richard Taylor (auth.), Keith Lehrer (eds.)

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