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Download e-book for kindle: Async in C# 5.0: Unleash the Power of Async by Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

ISBN-10: 1449337163

ISBN-13: 9781449337162

In case you are writing one of the functions that decision for asynchronous programming, this concise hands-on consultant exhibits you the way the async function in C# 5.0 could make the method a lot easier. in addition to a transparent creation to asynchronous programming, you get an in-depth examine how the async characteristic works and why you have to use it on your software. Written for knowledgeable C# programmers - but approachable for newbies - this e-book is filled with code examples so you might expand in your personal tasks.

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The most important of these is synchronization context, which can be used to resume the method on a particular type of thread, amongst other things. This is particularly important for UI applications, which can only manipulate their UI on the correct thread. Synchronization contexts are a complex topic, and Chapter 8 contains more details. Other kinds of context are also captured from the calling thread. These are all controlled via a class of the same name, so I’ll list some important types of context by their classes here: ExecutionContext This is the parent context, all the other contexts are a part of it.

Notice that I’ve been careful about exceptions in the case that the timeout expires. I’ve attached a continuation to the original Task using ContinueWith, which handles an exception if there is one. I know that the delay can never throw an exception, so I don’t need to deal with it. Exception); } } Obviously, exactly what to do here depends on your strategy for handling exceptions. By attaching this using ContinueWith, I’ve made sure that whenever the original Task does finish, however far in the future that may be, the code to check for an exception is run.

It’s called the IO completion port thread on Windows. When the network request completes, an interrupt handler in the operating system adds a job to a queue for the IO completion port. To perform 1000 network requests, the requests are all started, and as the responses arrive, they are processed in turn by the single IO completion port. In reality, there are usually a handful of IO completion port threads, to take advantage of multiple CPU cores. However, the number of threads is the same whether there are currently 10 outstanding network requests or 1000.

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Async in C# 5.0: Unleash the Power of Async by Alex Davies

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