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Get Atomic Diffusion in Glasses Studied with Coherent X-Rays PDF

By Manuel Ross

ISBN-10: 3319286447

ISBN-13: 9783319286440

ISBN-10: 3319286463

ISBN-13: 9783319286464

This thesis offers the 1st winning examine of bounce diffusion strategies in glasses at the atomic scale, using a unique coherent strategy. This new approach, referred to as atomic-scale X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy or aXPCS, has just recently been confirmed with the intention to trap diffusion procedures with atomic solution in crystal systems.

With this new toolkit for learning atomic diffusion in amorphous structures, new perception into uncomplicated approaches in quite a lot of technically correct fabrics, like quick ionic conductors, might be obtained.

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Firstly, the sample holder is not influenced by movements of the furnace due to thermal expansion. This is critical Sample Sample clip Thermal shield Thermocouple Adjustable clamp Vacuum feedthrough Fig. 2 Creating a Stable Sample Environment for Atomic-Resolution Measurements 45 because the stability of the sample position is of crucial importance when trying to resolve atomic movements. Secondly, the sample can be easily removed and a new sample can be put into position without having to remove the sample cell or the furnace, which significantly speeds up the process of measuring multiple samples.

28) Vcoh = ξt x · ξt y · ξl At the coherence beamlines of the synchrotrons utilised in the course of this thesis, ξl was on the order of few microns while the transversal coherence lengths were on the order of 5–200 µm (Sinha et al. 2014). Comparing to the maximum path length difference (see Eq. 21)) we can see that the longitudinal coherence length is typically smaller than the maximum path length difference. This implies that coherence is partially lost. However, as the maximum path length difference only accounts for the most extreme case, large parts of the illuminated sample volume still scatter coherently.

This results from the fact that for elastically scattered radiation only the phases change but the frequencies stay the same, so by constructive and destructive interference a pattern is created which contains areas of different intensity. A schematic is shown in Fig. 2. Two waves scattered at different atoms under an angle 2θ will have a path difference of δ = δ1 − δ2 . This can be expressed in terms of the vector between the two scattering centres di j and the wave vectors. 1) δ = q · ri − rj .

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