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Get Because You're Mine (Capital Theatre, Book 2) PDF

By Lisa Kleypas

ISBN-10: 0061738808

ISBN-13: 9780061738807

Girl Madeline Matthews might fairly disgrace herself than sacrifice her freedom—which is why, to prevent a wedding to an getting older, lecherous lord, she seeks out the corporate of Logan Scott. A torrid affair with the infamous womanizer might without doubt condemn her within the eyes of excellent society.

Though a legend within the bedchamber, Logan is, honestly, an intensely inner most guy laid low with earlier betrayals. Now a ahead little minx is disrupting his existence along with her vivid attraction and unspoiled good looks, a high-spirited enchantress thoroughly at sea in London’s subtle whirl. but if what starts off with a kiss threatens to blossom into anything extra rapturous and genuine, will Logan and Madeline have the braveness to drop the mask they cover in the back of within the identify of affection?

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Though frankly, this evening has hardly been about punishing me, has it? ’ She bit her lip, teasing it deliciously between perfect white teeth. He looked at that tiny soul-revealing movement, and his groin ached to take her. And he would take her, just as soon as he had the answer to his question. He would drink his fill of this lawless, irresistible woman, and enjoy every honeyed moment of his triumph. But first he would know her identity. ’ he demanded, and lifted his hand to untie her mask. She gasped and shrank away, but his hand slipped round her throat, holding her beneath him with a deliberate show of strength.

Throw it aside and put your hands behind your back. ’ The man gestured impatiently at the woman, who had knelt up and was already engaged in securing Trajan’s hands behind his back with a length of rope. ‘Tie him securely and check for weapons. ’ The woman came shuffling round, bent over, her hands slapping at his calves and thighs in a distinctly business-like fashion. Trajan realised with a shock that this was no woman. It was in fact a stocky man in a gown, his face partially concealed by a veil but decidedly too stubbly for a woman.

I’m not one for these games, Desirée. ’ She slipped down between his knees, crouching before him with her face on a level with his groin. From here, unfastening the fall of his breeches should be a simple enough matter. To her dismay though, his elegant shirt was in the way. She lifted it with unsteady hands, darting another quick look at his face. If he were to peek ... But his lordship kept his word, eyes still closed as her fingers worked frantically at the fall of his breeches, finally closing on the warm, swollen hardness of his penis.

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