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Download e-book for kindle: Beer Magazine (August/September 2010) by

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Taken Hostage is a well timed and revealing heritage of America's first engagement with terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, one who presents a chilling reminder that the prior is simply prologue.

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Undoubtedly it must be a lonely life being married to such an important but busy man as Sergeant-Major Metzger? It was. ‘If you only 38 knew just how lonely,’ Lore Metzger sighed with all the repressed desire of her fat bored romantic soul. Another Kirsch. As if by accident, he touched her fat knee as he handed her the glass. She shivered with desire. He gave her a few moments more, then placed his big muscular arm round her shoulders, as if it were the most natural thing to do in the world. Through the thin blouse he felt her firm flesh, hot and slightly damp.

The Vulture nodded his approval. ‘Highly commend­ able, Schwarz. We will make a general staff officer of you yet. ’ He hesitated and von Doden­ burg thought he saw the faint shadow of a cynical smile cross his CO’s ugly, birdlike face. ’ they asked, almost as one. ’ 60 He held up his cane for silence and screwed his monocle more firmly in his eye. ‘Gentlemen, I am surprised at you ! ’ Again von Dodenburg sensed the CO’s underlying cynicism. ‘You, as National Socialist officers, should know that, even more than an unpolitical chap like myself, who has never voted in an election in his whole life.

He screwed his monocle tighter into his right eye. ‘And obedience is based on complete confidence in oneself. Hence I want my men to go through this course, every one of them. ’ * * * 'The weakest spot in a man’s body,’ the ex-policeman lec­ tured them, ‘is his balls. If you can get him there, he’s had it. ’ 'Yes sergeant,’ they replied in chorus. ‘Now then, if you can get away with it with some Tommy or Frog, all right. ’ He raised a big sausagelike finger in warning. ’ ‘Yes sergeant,’ they chorused again obediently.

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Beer Magazine (August/September 2010)

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