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William D. Haywood's Big Bill Haywood: The Autobiography of William D. Haywood PDF

By William D. Haywood

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Big invoice Haywood, first released in 1929 as Bill Haywood's Book, is the autobiography of work chief William D. Haywood (1869-1929), a founder and chief of the commercial employees of the realm (I.W.W.) union and a member of the administrative committee of the Socialist social gathering of the USA. Haywood recounts his adolescence in Utah, his paintings as a miner, and, in short as a homesteader and cowboy. Later, whereas a miner in Idaho, Haywood, encouraged by way of a speech through Ed Boyce, president of the Western Federation of Miners, joined the W.F.M., and hence all started his lengthy occupation as a union-organizer, hard work chief, and activist. The ebook additionally recounts his battles with neighborhood police, politicians, and mine-owners, and his courtroom trials and imprisonment. The ebook ends with a bankruptcy ready after his loss of life of his flight to the Soviet Union, the place he died of diabetes and alcoholism on the age of fifty nine.

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