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Bill Adler Jr.'s Boys and Their Toys: Understanding Men by Understanding PDF

By Bill Adler Jr.

ISBN-10: 081447344X

ISBN-13: 9780814473443

Mobile phones, mp3 gamers, desktops, autos, guitars, hi-tech energy frequently turns out that males relate to their a number of toys and devices larger than they do to even an important humans of their lives! "Boys and Their Toys" explains the advanced, intimate, and infrequently humorous relationships males have with their fabric possessions, in order that spouses, companions, and important others can use this data to enhance their human-to-human dating.

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And they find that there’s a self-reinforcing effect: Instead 26 Boys and Their Toys of getting angry at the Department of Motor Vehicle’s clerk or the airline employee, they tell a joke, which utterly and completely disarms that person, who expected just another angry outburst. And it frequently gets good results. It goes without saying that these men are perpetually optimistic. If you’re looking at the world through a smile, that’s simply how you’re going to be. These men are adaptable creatures.

They have visions of themselves in the rustic vistas of the Old West, riding horses, capturing bad guys, winning the hearts of beautiful women (whatever that means to an eight-year-old), and taming the outdoors. This translates into strutting around the house in a cowboy uniform with six guns on the side. But it also creates boys who spend a lot of time playing games outdoors, either in their cowboy uniforms or not. It’s easy for a kid to imagine that the bicycle he’s riding is a tall horse, that there are bad guys lurking behind trees, or that the seven-year-old girl next door is in need of being rescued.

But how to use gadgets to lure in women is a topic for another book. The relevant point is that men think that they can lure in women through gadgets, by being more like James Bond. Deep down, men understand that they can never actually 31 32 Boys and Their Toys become James Bond, but they also know deep down that James Bond is just a made-up person. (Most men know this—really! ) Advertisers know this. And they flaunt it. ’’ This is what men expect from owning the most advanced technology, be it a cell phone, stereo system, or car.

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Boys and Their Toys: Understanding Men by Understanding Their Relationship with Gadgets by Bill Adler Jr.

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