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New PDF release: Buddha's Lions: The Lives of the Eighty-Four Siddhas

By James B. Robinson

ISBN-10: 0913546615

ISBN-13: 9780913546611

Those existence tales of eighty-four Tantric masters who completed the top result of the Vajrayana have encouraged generations of practitioners. by way of hoping on a certified instructor, dedicated women and men of alternative backgrounds: cobblers, princes, blacksmiths, and wood-gatherers, have been in a position to take daily adventure because the direction and succeed in enlightenment in one lifetime. choked with sophisticated, concise teachings expressed within the poetic songs of cognizance of the siddhas. very good creation to the Vajrayana and an excellent source for the learn of Tibetan. Tibetan textual content, iconographical notes, with eighty four exact line drawings.

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One story, Vin1pa becomes so disgusted with his meditation, no sign of success having come in many years, that he throws his rosary into a latrine. akinl then appears, gives him back the rosary, and instructs him on correct practice. akinl then appears in a dream to instruct him. INTRODUCTION 15 In several of the stories the c;lakini-guru is clearly a human female adept. Lilyipa's breakthrough occurs in his confrontation with a barmaid who is actually a <;lakini She recognizes what the difficulty is that is blocking his practice, and causes him to deal with it.

Just as the experience of the siddha opened to these highest possibilities, so the reader may also experience an opening to the highest teachings of the Dharma. The Translation Homage to the sacred gurus Herein is written the true account of the eighty-four siddhas, Luyipa and the others: eighty men who gained clear understanding and obtained siddhi, and four women who achieved clear understanding and won liberation. This assembly of eighty-four is indeed most welcome. ibhadra, Mekhala, Kanakhala, and La~minkara were objects of devotion for five generations of King Kunji's descendents.

While Theravada meditation manuals specify the importance of receiving instructions from a competent teacher of meditation, and the kalya1Ja-mitra or 'auspicious friend' of the ·M ahayana plays. an important role in that vehicle, the Vajrayana guru is considered to be the embodiment of his doctrine, and so must be looked upon in a special way. Since he is a link in a succession of gurus which began with the Buddha or some other high being such as Vajradhara, he is to be treated as a living Buddha by his students.

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