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Allen Jones's C# for Java Developers PDF

By Allen Jones

ISBN-10: 0735617791

ISBN-13: 9780735617797

The similarities among C# and Java are speedy and visible, yet Java programmers have to triumph over definite demanding situations sooner than they could wake up to hurry with C#. The professional authors of this name have written definitely the right advisor to aid Java builders circulate previous pitfalls and learn how to utilize C#. The authors show the syntactical and architectural similarities among the 2 languages-and what is assorted in C#-to rework Java builders into efficient C# builders as fast and painlessly as attainable.

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Note that many of the compiler options have abbreviated forms; see the online documentation for more details. Table 3-1. The Most Commonly Used C# Compiler Options Option Input Files /addmodule: /reference: /recurse: Description Specifies a list of modules to be linked. See the "Assemblies" section for more information. Specifies a list of assemblies to be referenced. See Appendix B, "Shared Assemblies," for more information on using references. Searches the current directory and all subdirectories for files to compile that match the specified wildcard.

Inserts a Win32 resource into the output. Specifies the application entry point. See the "Assemblies" section for more information. Specifies a list of directories to search for assemblies specified using the /reference option. Prints a usage guide that contains a complete listing of all compiler options. Enables incremental compilation of source files. Permits compilation of code that contains the unsafe keyword. See Chapter 6 for more information. NET Framework. NET installation process. NET\FrameworkSDK\GUIDebug.

Creating Assemblies Chapter 3. NET unit of deployment, reuse, versioning, and security. Assemblies are a logical rather than a physical structure and include one or more modules and resources. Assemblies are self-describing, containing metadata in a manifest that describes the contents and dependencies of the assembly. The assembly manifest is the link between the data types contained in an assembly and the common language runtime (CLR). The CLR relies on the metadata in the assembly to load the assembly and required libraries, enforce security policies, handle version support, and perform type validation.

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C# for Java Developers by Allen Jones

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