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C# in a Nutshell by Peter Drayton PDF

By Peter Drayton

ISBN-10: 0596001819

ISBN-13: 9780596001810

Designed as a chief connection with be used day-by-day, C# in a Nutshell additionally comprises the fundamental history info to turn into efficient fast. no longer a "how-to" booklet or a rehash of Microsoft's documentation, this publication is going to the resource of the language and APIs to offer the content material in a fashion that pro programmers will price specially different books. C# in a Nutshell is a entire language reference and likewise provides the .NET Framework utilizing C# examples. also, it's an intensive and quickly connection with the API, that includes the approach namespace. rather valuable are the various figures and tables that current the most gains of the namespace. each on occasion, a booklet turns into the de-facto average for a expertise, working procedure, or programming language--which is strictly what C# in a Nutshell goals to do in one hassle-free and easy-to-use quantity.

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During a program's execution, the heap starts filling up as new objects are created. The runtime has a garbage collector that deallocates objects from the heap so your computer does not run out of memory. An object is deallocated when it is determined that it has zero references to it. You can't explicitly delete objects in C#. An object is either automatically popped off the stack or automatically collected by the garbage collector. 1 Value types and reference types side-by-side A good way to understand the difference between value types and reference types is to see them side-by-side.

To meet this requirement, the CLR defines a shared type system called the Common Type System (CTS). The CTS defines the rules by which all types are declared, defined and managed, regardless of source language. html enough to support a wide variety of source languages, and is the basis for cross-language integration, type safety, and managed execution services. Compilers for managed languages that wish to be first-class citizens in the world of the CLR are responsible for mapping source language constructs onto the CTS analogs.

Unlike most programming languages, C# has no runtime library of its own. NET Framework for all its needs, including console I/O, network and file handling, collection data structures, and many other facilities. Implemented primarily in C# and spanning more than a million lines of code, this class library served as an excellent torture-test during the development cycle for both the C# language and the C# compiler. The C# language strives to balance the need for consistency and efficiency. " This approach has the advantage that instances of primitive types (such as integers) are first-class objects.

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C# in a Nutshell by Peter Drayton

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