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C# in Depth, 3rd Edition - download pdf or read online

By Jon Skeet

ISBN-10: 161729134X

ISBN-13: 9781617291340

In case you are a .NET developer, you will use C# even if you are development a sophisticated company software or simply slamming out a short app. In C# five you are able to do notable issues with generics, lambda expressions, dynamic typing, LINQ, iterator blocks, and different beneficial properties. yet first you need to research it intensive. C# intensive, 3rd version has been completely revised to hide the hot beneficial properties of C# five, together with the subtleties of writing maintainable asynchronous code. you will see the ability of C# in motion, studying find out how to paintings with high-value gains that you will be blissful to have on your toolkit. and you can learn how to keep away from hidden pitfalls of C# programming with the aid of crystal transparent motives of "behind the scenes" concerns. This ebook assumes you have digested your first C# ebook and are hungry for extra!

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C# 4 doesn’t offer anything to simplify this task any further. C# 1 C# 2 C# 3 Strong coupling between condition and action. Both are hardcoded. Separate condition from action invoked. Anonymous methods make delegates simple. Lambda expressions make the condition even easier to read. 3 Anonymous methods and lambda expressions in C# 2 and 3 aid separation of concerns and readability. Now that you’ve displayed the filtered list, let’s consider a change to your initial assumptions about the data. What happens if you don’t always know the price of a product?

If decimal were a reference type, you could just use null to represent the unknown price, but since it’s a value type, you can’t. How would you represent this in C# 1? info Handling an absence of data 15 There are three common alternatives:  Create a reference type wrapper around decimal.  Maintain a separate Boolean flag indicating whether the price is known. MinValue, for example) to represent the unknown price. I hope you’ll agree that none of these holds much appeal. Time for a little magic: you can solve the problem by adding a single character in the variable and property declarations.

It’s not obvious, because the compiler puts it in automatically, but the foreach loop implicitly casts each element of the list to Product. Again, that cast could fail at execution time, and once more generics come to the rescue in C# 2. The following listing shows the previous code with the use of generics as the only change. Name); } } ... 6 is simpler because you’re given products to start with. No casting is necessary. Similarly, the invisible cast in the foreach loop is effectively gone now.

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C# in Depth, 3rd Edition by Jon Skeet

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