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Download PDF by Peter Drayton: C# Language Pocket Reference

By Peter Drayton

ISBN-10: 059600429X

ISBN-13: 9780596004293

The C# Language Pocket Reference deals the benefit of a brief reference in a structure that may really slot in your pocket. The e-book features a advisor to C# language components, a short review of the Framework category library, a cross-reference for namespaces and assemblies, a listing of compiler syntax and switches, a customary expressions reference consultant, and extra.

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Is evaluated from +). 18 Try Statements and Exceptions The purpose of a try statement is to simplify program execution in exceptional circumstances typically, an error. A try statement does two things. First, it lets the catch block catch exceptions thrown during the try block's execution. Second, it ensures that execution cannot leave the try block without first executing the finally block. A try block must be followed by a catch block(s), a finally block, or both. The form of a try block looks like this: try { 53 54 ...

React to exception of type ExceptionA } catch (ExceptionB ex) { ... // react to exception of type ExceptionB } finally { ... // code to always run after try block executes, even if ... 1 Exceptions C# exceptions are objects that contain information representing the occurrence of an exceptional program state. , a method receives an illegal value), an exception object may be thrown, and the call-stack is unwound until the exception is caught by an exception-handling block. Read( ); } } In this example, calling CalcBMI throws an ArgumentException indicating that it's impossible for someone to be 5 meters tall.

15 Delegates A delegate is a type defining a method signature, so that delegate instances can hold and invoke a method or list of methods that match its signature. A delegate declaration consists of a name and a method signature. WriteLine("Item {0} is {1}", count++, s); } } 46 47 Note that the signature of a delegate method includes its return type. It also allows the use of a params modifier in its parameter list, which expands the list of elements that characterize an ordinary method signature.

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C# Language Pocket Reference by Peter Drayton

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