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Read e-book online C# Network Programming PDF

By Richard Blum

ISBN-10: 0782141765

ISBN-13: 9780782141764

C# is Microsoft's sizzling new language for the .NET platform. This ebook covers every thing C# programmers want to know to create community functions, a job frequently performed in C++. It explores the fundamentals of community programming, together with IP and TCP protocols, and strikes directly to specified C# guideline, together with utilizing the C# community programming periods within the .NET framework. themes coated contain low-level community programming (such as sockets and multithreading), in addition to community program layer programming for e-mail, web-based, and defense purposes. particular examples convey tips to create functions that use community protocols akin to SNMP, SMTP, and HTTP. The booklet additionally has complex insurance of incorporating an energetic listing server database and .NET remoting in a community program. writer Richard Blum has been a community and platforms administrator for thirteen years for the dept of protection and is the writer of 4 books on networking issues.

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Rsp file # This file contains command-line options that the C# # command line compiler (CSC) will process as part # of every compilation, unless the "/noconfig" option # is specified. rsp file. This is a handy feature that keeps you from having to reference lots of files on the command line if you are using classes from several namespaces. dll file. Note Adding references to additional DLL files does not increase the size of the resulting executable file. The references are only for the purpose of telling the compiler where to find the namespace definitions, not for compiling in the DLL code.

The network address identifies the unique network where the device is located. Every network should have a unique IP network address assigned to it. IP routers can use the network address information to decide the routing of individual IP packets to the proper remote network, even when they are located across the Internet. The device address uniquely identifies the device within the network address. No two devices with the same network address can have the same device address. 6: IP Network Address Classes High Bits Network Address Host Address Type 0 7 bits 24 bits Class A 10 14 bits 16 bits Class B 110 21 bits 8 bits Class C 1110 0 bits 28 bits Class D This may seem confusing, but in practice it is fairly straightforward.

In fact, most lower-level transports (such as Ethernet) cannot support carrying a large IP packet in one piece (remember, the Ethernet data section can only be 1,500 bytes long). To compensate for this, IP packets employ fragmentation to divide the IP packet into smaller parts for transport to the destination. When the pieces arrive at the destination, the receiving software must have a way to recognize the fragmented packet and reassemble the pieces back into a single IP packet. Fragmentation is accomplished using three fields of the IP packet, the fragmentation flags, the fragment offset, and the identification fields.

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