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Download e-book for kindle: C# Programmer's Handbook by Gregory S. Macbeth

By Gregory S. Macbeth

ISBN-10: 1590592700

ISBN-13: 9781590592700

Speedy and simple to take advantage of, this reference presents a close exam of the C# language as utilized in .NET improvement for either the present model of .NET (1.1), and approaching model 2.0.

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Eat method is always called, regardless of the type that holds a reference to the Dog object, we will need to mark the Animals::Eat method as virtual and the Dog:Eat methods as override. Containership You may extend a class by using the concept of containership in addition to inheritance. The idea is that, instead of deriving a new class from an existing base class, you just include the class as a member of the new class. The following example demonstrates OOP concepts. WriteLine("Class D's Display Method"); } } } Virtual Methods Polymorphism is the idea that you can call a particular method based on the class that was used to create the instance of the object.

C# allows for only single inheritance of classes and multiple inheritance of interfaces. It also provides a means to prevent inheritance by using the sealed keyword. Polymorphism Polymorphism allows for you to define base classes that include common functionality via methods on groups of related objects, without regard to the type of the particular object. To implement this functionality, use the virtual keyword in the base class, which allows you to call the correct method on the basis of object type, rather than the reference type.

The big difference between the while loop and the do … while loop is that the do … while loop code block is guaranteed to execute at least once. WriteLine. WriteLine(a); } while (a < 10); } } } 40 Chapter 4: Program Control Chapter 4: Program Control 41 Jump Statements The jump statements allow you control program flow by specifying which code blocks should be executed at a certain point in the code. These statements include continue, break, and goto. continue There are situations when the execution of code inside a code block should return to the evaluation expression.

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C# Programmer's Handbook by Gregory S. Macbeth

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