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Download PDF by Bruce Nicoll, Geoffrey Chaucer: Canterbury Tales

By Bruce Nicoll, Geoffrey Chaucer

ISBN-10: 0822070367

ISBN-13: 9780822070368

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Inherent in the tale, however, is a greater moral. Anyone who knows of the sacrifice, nobility, poverty, and purity of the early orders of the church makes this tale a tragedy rather than a comedy. It was inevitable that the nobility of the early friars would be turned into an instrument for positive evil at a later time. The Friar in Chaucer's story even parrots the precepts of his pious founder. They become a hollow mockery. The reader should perhaps compare the two sets of tales which were told to repay someone else.

As the widow neared the place, the child's voice broke forth singing 0 Alma. The Christian people gathered around in astonishment. The Provost of the city was called, and upon seeing the child, bade all Jews be fettered and confined. They were later drawn and quartered by wild horses and then hanged. The child was taken to a neighboring abbey. As the burial mass drew near, the child continued to sing 0 Alma loud and clear. He then told the abbots that Christ had commanded him to sing until his time for burial and that, at the same moment, the Virgin Mary laid a grain upon his tongue.

Thus ended these homicides. The Pardoner now decries against sin and reminds the pilgrims that he has pardons that they can buy. He invites them to buy from him and he will immediately record their names as purchasers. He suggests that the Host should begin since the Host is the most sinful. But in turn, the Host attacks the Pardoner, intimating that the Pardoner is not a full man. The Pardoner became so angry he could not speak. The Knight restored peace and they rode forth on their way. Commentary The Pardoner is one of the most complex figures in the entire pilgrimage.

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Canterbury Tales by Bruce Nicoll, Geoffrey Chaucer

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