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Read e-book online Charge and Heat Transport Phenomena in Electronic and Spin PDF

By Naoya Kanazawa

ISBN-10: 4431556591

ISBN-13: 9784431556596

ISBN-10: 4431556605

ISBN-13: 9784431556602

This thesis offers systematic experimental study on chiral-lattice crystals known as B20-type germanium compounds, particularly concentrating on skyrmion spin textures and Dirac electrons. An emergent electromagnetic box saw in MnGe demonstrates a formation of 3-dimensional skyrmion crystals. Detection of skyrmions in nanoscale corridor bar units made up of FeGe is discovered by way of measuring the topological corridor impact, a delivery estate reflecting emergent fields produced by means of skyrmions. via measuring the electron-filling dependence of thermopower in CoGe, a said thermoelectric estate during this compound is published to stem from the uneven density of states showing at sure degrees of Fermi power within the Dirac electron state.

The 3 major effects named above will give a contribution to enriching quite a few novel electromagnetic responses of emergent gauge fields in solids, to knowing high-performance skyrmion-based magnetic reminiscence, and to designing high-efficiency thermoelectric fabrics, respectively.

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91, 046401 (2003) 41. I. Anisimov, R. A. V. M. O. Shorikov, M. Sigrist, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 257203 (2002) 42. K. S. Novoselov, Nat. Mater. 6, 183 (2007) 43. Z. L. Kane, Rev. Mod. Phys. 1 Polycrystal Samples Polycrystalline samples of B20-type germanides were synthesized with a cubic-anviltype high-pressure apparatus (see also Ref. [1]). A mixture of elemental materials with an atomic ratio of T : Ge = 1 : 1 was at first arc-melted in an argon atmosphere. ) The alloy was placed in a cylindrical BN capsule (Fig.

G. 300 K, not shown). This demonstrates that the easy axes of magnetization, which are 100 in MnGe [10], are flipped along the field direction. Therefore, the peak intensities 54 Fig. 6 Variation of SANS patterns with magnetic field (H ) at 30 K. 9 T and back to (h) 0 T in the sequential order indicated by thick arrows. Three typical intensities are clearly observed in panel (b): (i) crescent-shaped diffractions parallel to the field (diffractions 1 and 2), (ii) a local maximal intensity observed perpendicular to the field (diffraction 3), which indicates the formation of a skyrmion lattice, (iii) a diffusive diffraction around the center (diffraction 4), which is assigned to the double scattering stemming from the crescent shape of diffractions 1 and 2.

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